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KAKIN Tutor Profile

Hello, I'm KAKIN.

I currently live in Taichung, Taiwan. I have been interested foreign countries since I was a child. I majored in Japanese in college. Now I would like to offer conversational Chinese lessons on Cafetalk.

In Taiwan, I teach Japanese to Taiwanese students as a private tutor. When I was in college, I have taught Chinese to Japanese people during language exchange. I believe that the most fun part about learning a foreign language is being able to communicate directly with the locals. Now I would like to start teaching Japanese and Chinese lessons on Cafetalk. I’m looking forward to having lessons with you!

Translation: 1/2016 - Cafetalk  

Featured Interview

Q. Hello KAKIN! Please introduce yourself. A. Hello, my name is KAKIN. I’m from the city of Taichung in Taiwan. My major in university was Japanese Studies. My minor was Korean Studies. Since I studied Japanese myself, I’m good at explaining the difference between Japanese and Chinese. I have so far taught Chinese to Japanese and Vietnamese students. I’m looking forward to meet you at my lesson! ...

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