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Namsan Seoul Tower, a Symbol of Seoul The Namsan Seoul Tower, Korea’s first general radio...

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nakyeong Tutor Profile

Hello, all of you who came into the charm of Korean. I am Nakyeong, a Korean tutor. It's a real honor to meet you at Café Talk. ^__^

How much Korean can you speak?

I'm sure you're all different because the period of learning Korean is different and the speed at which they learn it is different. Do you have any serious concerns and worries about Korean language? Don't you improve your skills over the period you learned? Or do you have a chance to communicate with most Koreans in Japanese so that you can evaluate your Korean skills?

Everyone, I'm not good at Japanese. So I won't use Japanese much to teach you Korean. I think this is a great advantage in my class to improve your Korean skills.

I majored in English education. When I first learned English, I remember that it was harder and harder than anyone else. When you learn Korean, you must be as difficult as when I first started English.

However, I'd like to tell you not to give up first. I will help you passionately from basic to native English speaking. If you're new to Korean, you can learn Korean with passion.

I have been teaching Korean to foreigners using English through private tutoring for the past year. It's short, but I learned a lot from that experience. Teaching someone is so precious to me and I was happiest when I saw their Korean skills grow. I think it's time to take charge of your Korean skills!

My class is divided into five classes. There is a class to correct the basics of Han-gul, the words (verb expression, numbers), the composition of sentences through grammar lessons, free talking (20 minutes, 50 minutes), and the writing proofreading in Korean. You can choose the right course for your level. Don't worry if you don't know what level it is! I'll check your level first and give you a lesson. There are five courses listed below.

I promise to protect my teacher values before I start the class.

1. Passionate teacher
2. A competent teacher
3. A teacher who keeps trying.
4. A teacher who meets the students' standards
5. A patient teacher

The beginning is half. Would you like to study Korean with me ready for class with you?^_^

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