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Hello, I'm André and I am native in both french and portuguese. Completely fluent (near-native) in English and Spanish, I can teach you any of those 4 languages.

Conversation, all level classes, business languages, etc... I will be happy to help and guide you towards your learning objectives.
Already experienced in private tutoring and also being a passionate  languague learner, I will be able to put myself in your shoes and help you go beyond any obstables between you and your fluency in the languagues you're learning.

I'm open-minded and love to discover new cultures all around the world. I travel a lot and have a lot to share with you, from my two cultures (french and portuguese) but also from my numerous trips. 

Finally, my 3 years experience in the banking industry in France gave me stronge knowledge about the french and english languague in a professional context - such as writing professional emails, presentations, meeting material, etc.

Let's study and have fun together ! 

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