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Mona.T Tutor Profile

Hi, I am Mona!
Thank you for visiting my page.

☆I teach both English and Japanese 

★ Absolute Beginners Welcome!!! ★

I have studied English since childhood in Japan, Canada, Australia,  Ireland and New Zealand. Also, I have a strong passion for teaching languages.


I have completed

Certificate IV in Teaching English to Child Speakers of Other Languages (TECSOL)

Certificate IV in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

So I am trained to teach English effectively to both adults and children.

During my studies and practical teaching experience I learned many things. I am deeply interested in teaching theory and methodology and I have realised that I have a flair for teaching languages.

There’s no better feeling in the classroom than seeing one of my students really “get it.” 

I also speak English, so it doesn't matter even if you are a beginner in Japanese.

I would like to help people who want to study languages as much as I can. 

I look forward to speaking with you about many topics in Japanese!

See you in my lesson!


Featured Interview

Q. Mona.T先生、こんにちは!まずは簡単に自己紹介をして頂けますか? A. こんにちは♪とっても元気な英会話講師Monaです☆ 私は5か国でワーホリと留学を経験し、オーストラリアで英語教授法である TESOL – Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, TECSOL – Teaching English to Child Speakers of Other Languages, を取得しました。 その後、大手英会話スクールで主任講師として大人と子どもの両方のクラスを担当させていただいたり、小学校や保育所で英会話講師として多くの子供たちを指導させていただきました。 私の強みは、生徒様1人1人を丁寧に理解し、最適な学習スタイルで指導すること☆ 個々の長所を引き出し、伸ばしていきながら自信に繋がるようなレッスンを提供出来るよう毎回...

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