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Published 26 Jun, 2019 | View: 260
In the last couple of days,my students and I have noticed a bit of an audio/video issue. Words were...
Published 20 Feb, 2019 | View: 406
Hello everyone!I have been on this site teaching for a few months and I would like to talk to more ...

Adrienne Morgan Tutor Profile

Hello, my name is Adrienne (エイドリアン). I am a junior high school English teacher in Japan. I love teaching! Come join me for intermediate and advanced lessons, including exam help, conversational (especially pronunciation, enunciation and situation recognition/role-playing) skills and advanced vocabulary.

I know both British and American English, and my Japanese is N4+.

I have knowledge of medical terminology and am willing to design vocab and role-playing lesson packs for medical staff and students. I also have extensive knowledge in history, current events/political science, and geography.

I can also teach cursive and standard handwriting with my whiteboard if you need help in that area.

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