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Satomi. K Tutor Profile

Hello guys!

I'm Satomi(さとみ).

Let's study Japanese together with fun!


【about me】
I'm 31years old and live in Tokyo.
I worked with people from all over the world at international logistics company for several years. 
I like studying languages. That's why I became Japanese teacher. When I was 16, I went to Australia to study English for a year. Also I started learning Korean 2years ago. 

【teaching style】
text book: みんなの日本語 for Beginners (or whatever you want) 
I will create special lesson schedule just for you.
Please tell me about what you want to learn or what you want to do in Japanese.

Learning Japanese must be FUN!!
BUT...  I will give you a lot of assigments to make your Japanese improved if you want!!^^





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