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Thomas Henriksen Tutor Profile

Hi everyone, my name is Tom and I am an english teacher with almost two years of experience.
I was raised and studied in England before moving to live in Canada and New Zealand. Currently I live in Perú with my wife and my dog. We love to spend our time outdoors in nature enjoying activities such as hiking, canoeing or swimming in the ocean.
As an english teacher I have a calm and understanding approach backed up with a strong understanding of the language. I hope that my lessons can help my students improve their english and enjoy the many possibilities learning a new language offers.
Anyone can take my lessons, they are always adaptable to students needs and English level.
I myself am a language student as well as a teacher and through my spanish studies I have been able to gain a invaluable new perspective on learning a language.
I know how great it is to become confident in another language, I am sure that you can achieve this same feeling.

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