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I am teacher Jane from Taiwan. Glad to meet you!!

I teached Mandarin Chinese at TLI (Taipei Language Institute), now is working as an experenced on-line tutor. So far, my students include Japanese, Americans and Europeans, and I enjoy the enteractions with students.

If you like Mandarin Chinese, you are welcome to visit me;no matter the pronunciation or grammar, traditional or simplified, based on your needs, I will listen carefully, and give my supports to make your advances.

Thank you for reading this, I am looking forward to seeing you!!

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Lessons by this tutor

  • ★ 台湾華語教室 ★ (50分鐘) Taiwanese Mandarin

    純正な台灣繁體字です ლ(❛◡❛✿)ლ 老師給你免費教材內容豐富,用英文或是日文上課都可以 ♪ 台灣的生活文化、日常口語表達方式、學習美麗的字體。 老師提供免費教材。特別推薦給喜愛台灣中國語的好朋友。 Authentic Taiwaese Mandarin lesson. Great, Various lessons are ready for your best choice!! Teacher will prepare free material or handout for st
    Chinese   Skype Lesson   Original Material
    50min   1,700P
  • ❤ 初心者の專門レッスン❤ Beginner's Mandarin

    從發音、四聲和簡單的每日會話開始學習,是初學者輕鬆、容易的課程。 (^o^)/ The lesson is made for the beginners who want to learn Mandarin from the very first step. This class will be getting from the basic pronunciation, 4 tones, easy grammar, and daily conversation. This is a great cour
    Chinese   Skype Lesson   Original Material
    25min   1,000P
  • 實用視聽華語 1- 5

    Let's have coffee & practice Chinese! This class is for beginner, basic,middle,until high levels. And recommend for the people who is planning to work or study to Taiwan.
    Chinese   Skype Lesson   Textbook - 新版 實用視聽華語 1~5
    50min   1,600P
  • 當代中文課程 1- 6

    華語教學權威──國立臺灣師範大學國語教學中心編寫開發 符合當代華語學習趨勢的教學用書 讓中文課程走出新的未來、新的視野
    Chinese   Skype Lesson   Textbook - 當代中文課程
    50min   1,600P
  • Chinese Master

    This textbook published with traditional or simplified characters and with Japanese or English versions for choose.
    Chinese   Skype Lesson   Textbook - 漢語大師
    50min   1,600P
  • 【上達】效果な聽力+口說 Listening+Speaking

    ★ 強力推薦 《中級中文》★ Powerful Listening + Great Speaking ! 提高聽力和口說!快來!快來! 實用日常生活短文 +口語提升練習, 讓你的聽力和說話馬上大躍進!! Daily conversations or the useful short text listening + speaking. This class will make your listening & speaking better and better, and you learn
    Chinese   Skype Lesson   Original Material
    25min   1,000P
    Has Trial 20min   700P
  • ♫楽に《文法速成理解》

    すぐに理解出来る ♫ (^o^)/(^o^)/ YEAH!   平常你有不太懂的文法?總是弄錯? 老師的 說明非常容易理解,非常有效果、而且有趣, 給老師寫信吧,可以讓你快速地了解用法。迅速解決你的問題。 Give you smart grammar tips that make you understand Mandarin usage.
    Chinese   Skype Lesson   Original Material
    40min   1,400P
    Has Trial 25min   1,000P
  • ★看圖說故事★ Picture Describings

    《中級中文》看著圖片或是照片來發揮創意,說說看內容,不但能學習生字也能複習句型。非常有意思。 Looking at the Pictures/Photos and try to describing. It is not only interesting but also can review words & sentences patterns.
    Chinese   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    25min   800P
    Has Trial 20min   500P
  • ❤Free Talk In Taiwnese Mandarin

    ლ(❛◡❛✿)ლ Let's free talk in both English & Taiwanese Mandarin! 華語和漢語有一些不同,試試看用台灣中文輕鬆聊聊,練習自由會話吧!
    Chinese   Skype Lesson   Original Material
    25min   1,000P
  • 佳文賞析 Readings

    您有多久沒有看幾篇好文章了? 好文章能給你心靈啟發,也能增加你的中文單字數量和提高是中文水平。 How long havn't you been reading great articles? They always inspire peoples heart. By reading those, your vacabularies will be increased, and your Mandarin level will be getten higher as well.
    Chinese   Skype Lesson   Original Material
    25min   1,000P
  • Business Chinese 商務單字會話

    老師提供講義給學生學習商用單字,會話, 銀行用語或是商業書信。Teacher will provide handouts, this class will be able to learn business vocabularies,conversation, banking words,and e-mails in the fiels. All are useful & interesting. Students will be able to apply what have learnt i
    Chinese   Skype Lesson   Original Material
    25min   1,000P
  • Short News

    Interesting & practical short news reading that can increase your Chinese ability.
    Chinese   Skype Lesson   Original Material
    25min   1,000P
  • 中文慣用語

    Chinese common expressing, saying, and phrases are very interesting, they can make you speak more like a native(translated with English & Japanese).
    Chinese   Skype Lesson   Original Material
    25min   1,000P
    Has Trial 20min   700P
  • 看圖學中文語法 - 基礎 Illustrated Grammar Guide (basic)

    學習基礎中文語法非常有趣,而且是十分容易懂的課程。 生活化中文語法重點,提供生動活潑圖片幫助理解。 課後練習題,能立即有效自我檢測。
    Chinese   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    25min   800P
  • 看圖學中文語法 - 進階 Illustrated Grammar Guide (advanced)

    Chinese   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    25min   1,000P
  • 台灣注音のㄅㄆㄇ

    You will learn the MPS symbols of ㄅㄆㄇ which now is used in all Taiwan schools. It is much more convenient when you chatting with Taiwanese friends.
    Chinese   Skype Lesson   Original Material
    25min   1,000P
  • 台湾語のお勉強

    This a very interesting course. You will know the Taiwanese language from simple vocabularies to the sentences.
    Chinese   Skype Lesson   Original Material
    25min   1,000P
  • 台灣生活習俗、文化及美食

    您喜歡台灣嗎?想多了解一些關於台灣人的文化民俗習慣嗎? 想知道什麼台灣特色美食嗎?想自己動手做做看嗎?這是一堂有意思的課,老師可以介紹給你豐富有趣的內容,讓您融入台灣人的日常生活。 Do you like Taiwan? Want to learn more about about the culture, customs, and usual practices in Taiwan? In this lesson, Teacher will introduce many to you, and mak
    Chinese   Skype Lesson   Original Material
    25min   1,000P
  • 大陸と台湾中国語の違うは?

    中國漢語和台灣華語有什麼不同?正體字和繁體字有多少差異?用法習慣上如何?您都明白了嗎?有興趣的話,跟著老師一起來學習一下吧!這是很有意思的課。 Chinese Mandarin & Taiwanese Mandarin are few differences, those are very interesting. Do you want to learn more about those?
    Chinese   Skype Lesson   Original Material
    25min   1,000P
  • 台灣華語能力測試【練習付】

    台灣華語考試 T.O.C.F.L.(Test Of Chinese as a Foreign Language) 是台灣政府針對外國人為了在台灣工作、生活、求學等等的目的而舉辦的學習能力測試。目前每年都有越來越國家的外籍人士參加這個考試。 The test is held by Taiwan educational organization. the purpose is to check out the foreigners language levels for Taiwanese Manda
    Chinese   Skype Lesson   Original Material
    25min   1,200P
  • HSK漢語考試【練習付】(3~5級)

    台灣老師教你HSK的考試題目,讓你順利合格通過! Taiwanese Teacher will teach you how to prepare the HSK test, and help you to pass it!
    Chinese   Skype Lesson   Original Material
    25min   1,200P
  • 便利な在宅練習《聽力、文法》Variety Exercises at home

    《オススメ》您喜歡中文練習題嗎?如果你希望在家複習文法,練習寫作,或是聽力,請一定要試試這個課。老師有很多豐富的練習題材,依照您的中文程度或是興趣,您可以要求老師給你一份練習題。或是您喜歡作文題目自己寫文章給老師修改,當然也可以。 寫好以後傳給老師看看,然後老師幫您修改訂正簡要說明以後再回寄給你。
    Chinese   No Skype   Flexible
    0min   800P
  • (自修者)課本練習題、作業回答 Exercise & Homework Checking

    實用視聽華語、當代中文課程《テキストの宿題や練習の答え》 在家自學的學生們,您辛苦了!如果你不知道自己的作業做得到底對不對,可以用e-mail和老師討論。 這個課程很適合您也非常方便。 請把您寫好的課後作業答案,寄給老師看看,然後老師幫您檢查修改以後,再寄回給您參考學習。 《Homework Checking》You are a self learner and want to check your homework, this is a lesson just right for you &
    Chinese   No Skype   Other
    0min   600P
  • 文字聊天 Type To Chat

    您想試試看跟老師用打字聊天嗎? 通過新方式聊天,您可以精確地了解字的用法、說法,對您的中文學習是一個新的、好的體驗,可能非常適合你。 Do you want to try a new way of learning? Maybe this is really suitable to you!
    Chinese   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    20min   600P
  • 我的日記 My Diary in Mandarin

    寫日記、寫各種身邊生活日常有趣的事情、無限自由感想、甚至最近發生的新聞內容,內容可以多樣也可以簡單而且很有意思。 長期寫下去能讓你的中文進步很多。今天就開始試試看吧! O(∩_∩)O Writing Diary everyday will make great improving in Mandarin, how about try it from today?
    Chinese   No Skype  
    0min   500P
  • 汉语口语速成(入门篇)上.下

    汉语口语速成- 这一系列的教材自出版以来备受中文学习者的欢迎。内容着重于当前的日常现实生活的口语应用。入门篇分为上下二册。上册为1-15课(1-5课为发音练习);下册为16-30课。
    Chinese   Skype Lesson   Textbook - 汉语口语速成(入门篇)
    25min   800P
  • 汉语口语速成- 基础篇

    Chinese   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    25min   800P
  • テキストブック(五回券)

    教科書月5回券套餐課程。為專程想精煉中文程度的您設計的課程。如果您打算集中好好加強中文全面提升聽說讀寫的水平,這是一個划算的課程。請別錯過了。 Intensive lesson (5 times in 30 days), this is for the students who want to increse Mandarin ability in a short period of time.
    Chinese   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    50min   7,500P
    Pack of 5 1,500P per lesson
  • ♥ 上課前の測試 ♥

    【新生一人一回限定】如果你不知道該上哪個課,上課以前和老師見見面,輕鬆聊一下你想學習的目標和方向也做一個簡單的測試看看自己的水平。 ♫ Let's meet pleasantly to chat about your learning goals & interesting, and do a pre-class test to check your level.
    Chinese   Skype Lesson   Original Material
    20min   500P
  • 《 華語常青班 》 Senior's Class

    Chinese   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    50min   1,300P

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