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Sori Tutor Profile

Hello everyone! My name is Sori.

I've studied Chinese at National Taiwan University and have worked as language professional for more than 13 years. I have experienced beign a Japanese Instructor, manager and language counselor both at a major Japanese language school and at a long-established language school in Taiwan. At present I work as an independent language advisor and a consultant while providing Japanese and Chinese lessons not only for business-people and students but for learners across all ages from kids to senior citizens. My work ranges from giving advice on how to improve one's language skills to translation, study-abroad counseling and helping international students with their careers and job hunting. I also work with international corporations with their PR and advertising for the Japanese market, and assist with reviewing contracts and helping understand Japanese culture and business practices.
※Please note all of my lessons are currently offered at a discount to commemorate my first year anniversary on Cafetalk!

☆I've been selected first on the Cafetalk Rankings simultaneously in three categories!
I'd like to say give a big 'Thank you' to all of my students who have given me encouraging feedback. I hope you continue with my lessons for a long time!

☆I've been selected first on the Cafetalk Rankings simultaneously in two categories!
Thank you everyone! I'm very grateful to all of you for getting me here. I do hope I can continue to help you with fun and effective lessons!

Advantages to learning Japanese with me

➀ You will find my lessons highly effective because I can challenge you appropriately (using "progressive overload") according to the level of your Japanese.

②My lessons heavily focus on conversation and speaking. We will use a variety of materials such as pictures, news articles, and essays to help you learn what you can use in real-life conversations.

③ Many of my students have successfully applied to prestigious Japanese universities and graduate programs after having studied using my methods. Many others have successfully fund jobs, passed the N1 exam, and achieved their objectives such as winning an award for a Japanese speech contest.

④ I can offer you appropriate advice and tell you how you can overcome problems from my own experiences as both a professional language counselor and a student of languages myself.

⑤ I was selected as the most-liked tutor and the tutor with the best teaching methods by 102 students out of a total of 300 in my previous language school in Taiwan. (See below)

⑥ I was born, raised, and spent many years in Tokyo so I speak standard Japanese and I can teach you clear pronunciation, grammar, wording, and phrasing. Also, since we can communicate in Chinese, I can explain any points that you are unclear in Chinese when it is needed.

⑦ I've been a practitioner of kendo, which places great emphasis on etiquette, since third grade. I have also spent time in Japanese companies so I can teach you decorum, hospitality and appropriate speech.

(Thank you, everyone! I've delivered 100 lessons on Cafetalk!)

(Thank you, everyone! I've delivered 200 lessons on Cafetalk!)


The key to advancing your language skills it to constantly use or "output" what you've learned.
The other element is persistence. Never give up and keep trying. You'll find that results will always follow. Let's have fun and speak lots and lots of Japanese ♪
I'll try to help you with my 100%!

Please do feel free to ask me any questions!

【Lesson】 (pronunciation, grammar, conversation, etc.)
・Learn Spoken Japanese with Minna no Nihongo
   - "Elementary to Intermediate" 100%
・Chat with pictures
・Read and discuss the news
・N3 to N1 exam prep
・Free discussion and conversation
・Business Japanese
・Grammar analysis and Q&A
・Counseling about language learning and more.

If you'd like to take regular lessons please do not hesitate to ask me about my lesson availability

I do hope you'll let me help you with your Japanese.
I welcome anybody serious about acquiring great conversation skills, vocabulary and expression.


A little bit about me
I have lived in Taiwan and it's like my second home!

My beloved dog.
He understands Chinese.

Mountaineering is one of my passions. I think it has a lot in common with learning a language. Every step will get you closer to where you want to be. Remember - persistence is power! Keep at it!

I will play the part of the "Thinking Man" (by Rodin) and back you up in every way I can through your learning journey! Just relax and take my lessons!

Translation: July 2019 - The Cafetalk Team

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  • Between 12-24hours before lesson start time.→ 50% of price charged.
  • No-Show→ 100% of price charged.

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