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Published 27 Jul, 2019 | View: 186
Thank you to all my amazing students! I made it to 100 lessons this week! I have loved meeting...
Published 23 May, 2019 | View: 392
Ever since moving back to the US from Ecuador, I've really missed some of the authentic Latin Ameri...
Published 26 Apr, 2019 | View: 688
I saw the Weekly Topic and my mind immediately went to the most important series to me: Harry Potte...
Published 10 Mar, 2019 | View: 518
This week's topic is to share about pets, and I have never been more excited to write a Cafetalk po...
Published 28 Feb, 2019 | View: 532
I want to take a minute to recognize the amazing legacy that is Pokemon! Today is Pokemon Day and I...

General Notices

Hello everyone! I'm Veronica and I am based in Seattle, Washington in the United States. I also live part of the time in Quito, Ecuador.

I was a full-time primary school teacher for 5 years. I have a Bachelor's in Elementary Education from the University of Idaho and a Master's in STEM Education with a Digital Teaching Certificate from the University of Washington. 

If you want to learn or practice English, I work with intermediate and advanced Englilsh learners. I offer many lessons for conversational English around different themes, or you can sign up for a quick chat!

I also offer lessons in writing and listening skills such as movie viewing, proofreading, and journal writing. 

My other area of focus is Tarot reading. I have been reading Tarot professionally over the past year and I would love to dive into this art with you. I believe in the meditative and counseling powers of Tarot cards and I am open to answering any questions you have and teaching you about Tarot throughout our reading. I offer readings online over Skype, or offline through messaging.

I love teaching and I love building relationships with students. I also love travel! I'm moving my teaching career from the classroom to an online space so I can continue exploring other countries and cultures while still working with students. 

As a teacher, I am a huge advocate for using technology in our daily lives. I also understand how hard it can be to learn a new language, and how scary it can be to practice it, as I'm living in South America to learn and practice Spanish. I would love to be a safe place for you to practice English!

My interests include reading, travel, spiritual health, video games, cats, and American football.

I look forward to working with you!

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