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Would you like to learn how to speak lively, expresssive Korean?‎(ㆁᴗㆁ✿)
Would you like to learn how to express yourself freely rather than just memorizing sentences and phrases?
When I’m able to express what I want to say in Korean, it truly makes me happy! I want you to be able feel that happiness too and I hope that I can help get you there!

♡자기소개♡(About Me)

I have been living in Korea for 13 years.
Just like all other Korean learners, I started by learning Hangul.
I had to work so hard just to learn the writing system, but as they say, practice makes perfect! I kept on studying and eventually I was able to handle vocabulary, grammar, essays, and conversations.

In order to learn more about the wonderful Korean language and how to spread knowledge about it, I went to a graduate school in Korea to get my masters in Korean language education. My dissertation was “A Comparison of Korean and Japanese Proverbs.”
I am currently preparing it for an academic conference.

Since I’m Japanese, I understand exactly what Japanese people have trouble with when it comes to learning Korean and I make sure to help you overcome these obstacles during my lessons. 

【♡my facebook♡】

♡한마디♡(In Short)

By having fun and really exposing yourself to a language, you can make it your own, and I think that’s one of the greatest things about learning languages♫

Korean may seem hard to stick with at first glance, but please give it a try!
As someone who absolutely fell in love with the Korean language, I think can help you form a good relationship with it!!^^

Even if this is your first time with Korean, it's okay!!
People who are trying to study by themselves but are getting stuck are also more than welcome to try my lessons! Let's have fun together! Thank you!❣⃛(⌯・ิ느・ิ⌯)

(※If you want your lesson to be entirely in Korean, please let me know^^)


★Cancellation Policy★

This is the cancellation policy that I have decided on in order provide the best lessons for you. Thank you for understanding.

Cancellations made within 12 hours of the lesson time will be charged Cafetalk's set 200 point penalty and I recommend requesting a date/time change.

★Notifying me 30 minutes before the class time: half of the lesson fee
★No contact even after 30 minutes past class time: full lesson fee
★No contact until 10 minutes before the class is set to finish: I will consider this an absence and charge the full lesson fee. Thank you for your understanding.
(I will return fees using coupons. Once again, thank you for understanding)
★Please note that if you are more than 10 minutes late for a counseling session, I will cancel it. 

Translation: 1/2015 - The Cafetalk Team 

Featured Interview

Q. yuni先生こんにちは!自己紹介をお願いします。 A. みなさん、今日は! 大阪生まれ大阪育ちの浪速っ子のyuniです!日本で高校まで通い外国語を何か習得したいと思い高校卒業後、すぐ韓国へ留学しました。 大阪出身と聞くと皆さん、ゴテゴテの大阪弁をイメージされるんですが、長期留学もあって、家 族と自然に会話する意外はそこまでゴテゴテの大阪弁はでてきません(笑) 自分ではテキパキしたタイプと思っているんですが、周りからは、のんびりおっとりタイプとよく言われます。^^; 韓国留学が理由かは分かりませんが、せっかち気味になりつつある反面、消極的で、引っ込み 思案な性格はなくなりました!^^ Q. 韓国に住んで10年目だそうですね。最初に韓国に渡ったきっかけを教えて下さい。 A. 私が韓国に渡ったのはまだ韓流が起こる前の2002年。ちょうどワールドカップで盛り上 がっていた年なんです。 私の...

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Lessons by this tutor

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    Korean   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    50min   1,400P
  • 韓国語能力試験(TOPIK2)作文添削・質問レッスン

    TOPIK2の作文対策のための添削レッスンです!オンラインではなく添削・質問のレッスンです。 細かくチェックをしご質問にもお答えします。
    Korean   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    60min   2,000P

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