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Sayo K Tutor Profile

Nice to meet you!

My name is Sayo.

Let's Start with my【Easy Japanese】Lesson!
Learn How to greet in Japanese!

I can offer easy Japanese lessons to you!
I would like to share my time with you.
I am a native Japanese speaker who also learns English.
Don' t hesitate to speak Japanese.
Let's begin with greeting in Japanese!

I am a woman and in my forties.

I am a native Japanese Speaker.

I have a certificate in teaching Japanese to non-native speakers. I minored in that study while I was in the four-year university.

Also, ten years ago, I was teaching Japanese to N5 and N4 level students at a Japanese language school. I taught for about three years. I mainly taught grammar, Kanji, and advised my students how to live in Japan.

Now I teach as a home-school teacher and at a cramming school. I can teach children too.

◇◆◇Hobbies and Likes◇◆◇

I love traveling! When I travel domestically, I often visit shrines and temples.
When I travel abroad, I like to go to the World Heritage Sites. I have visited Pyramids in Egypt, temples in India, the Colosseum in Italy, and The Louvre in France. I have so far traveled more than 35 countries.

I like cooking too. I like both eating and cooking. Not only cooking Japanese food, I enjoy Thai and Indian food, especially their curry, and other cuisines from many different countries.

In my free time, I often draw in pastel.
Or, I sometimes go on a walk too. I live near the base of Mt. Fuji, so I enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji while I am on the walk.

◇◆◇What you can learn from my lessons◇◆◇
・Kanji (I can teach from the very beginner level.)
・I can teach you Kanji with correct stroke order
・Daily phrases
・Expressions you may hear at the barbershops.
・Expressions you can use at the hospitals.
・Free conversation
・Recomendations and useful information about traveling
・Talk about movies and TV shows
・How to cook Japanese food
・Talk about your favorite singers
・Sing songs and interpret their meanings
・Read Newspapers together
・Listening to, or reading, the newspaper articles and have a discussion
・Check essays
・Practice job interviews
・Expressions used in business settings
・How to write Japanese resume
・Teach children
・I will listen to any of your concerns and can give you advice
・Drawing in pastel
... and more!

【For native Japanese speakers】

・Conversation partner
If you are living by yourself and need somebody whom you can talk to, about anything, or if you are living outside of Japan and willing to practice Japanese conversation... here I am!

・Relaxing Art Lesson (Drawing in pastel) and some more standard studio art lessons

・English conversation for beginners
I can teach how to write Roman alphabet and phonics.
How to pronounce words
Practice English Expressions from scenes by scenes
Read illustration books and any readings together!

I will provide lessons just fit your needs, so please send let me know what you expect!

Let's have some fun!

I'm Sayo.

Thank you for reading my introduction.
I am a Japanese native speaker.

I love people and especially helping people to develop skills like speaking Japanese.
I have a Japanese teaching certification
"the 420 hour Advanced Skills of Teaching Japanese Language Course."

I like going abroad and traveling around the world and all over Japan.
I like to draw some pictures with pastels. I like to cook.

I’m interested in chatting with you. I would like to share time with you.
I hope to see you soon! :-)


I share my teaching materials from the Twitter link below,


↑↑I share the teaching materials that I recommend!↑↑


Voice of Her Students
■Thank you. I learned a lot.
■Her lesson was a lot of fun. She was so caring.
■Thank you! I enjoyed it a lot! <by Student C>
■Thank you so much! It was really helpful. And thank you for the notes that you wrote. That's great! I will contact you again soon for another lesson.

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