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Bachelor of Arts Literary Studies (French)・文芸科学(フランス語)
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Tantissime notizie e curiosità del mondo dai nostri tutor di Cafetalk!
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Bonjour tout le monde ! C'est Nico !   今日は、あなたが誰かに挨拶したときに、相手があなたを誰かわかってなさそうなときに使えるフレーズを勉強し...
Bonjour tout le monde ! C'est Nico !   今日は、前回勉強した「はじめまして」という言葉の、別の表現を学んでいきましょう。今回は、“...
Bonjour tout le monde ! C'est Nico ! 今日は、誰かに« 会えて嬉しい »と言う表現を学びましょう。 このフレーズは、日本語の ...
生徒の皆さんへ5月第四週(2020/5/25~5/31)グループレッスンのスケジュールのご案内です。まずはじめに、次回のSalon de lectureの日程をお伝えします。開催日は6/7(日)です...


Profilo di Professeur Nico

Hello everyone, my name is Nico.

I'm living in Kansai, Japan.

My career history

I have a university degree in French Teaching (FLE) and French Literature. In my native country, I mainly worked as a teacher, but also as an editor from time to time. In 2013, I decided to come to teach French in Japan and I fell in love with this country. I worked in different language schools and at the University.

At the beginning of my career in Japan, I met many brave students who wanted to realize their dreams by studying French.
Many of them had a lot of work with overtime or a family and coming to school was very difficult. That's why I became interested in Skype lessons: it was a way to help students fulfill their dreams despite the obligations of everyday life. In five years, I learned how to improve and develop my Skype lessons in the hope that teaching will be the best for my students.

So if you have never had this experience, please don't worry. I can guide you :)

My way of working

I like to put my students at ease so that they feel good and can work in the best possible conditions. It is often said of me that I am gentle and serious in my work. I like to give the best of myself and push my students to their full potential.

My Hobbies

I am passionate about literature, especially French and Japanese. My favorite author is Kenzaburo Oe, but there are many others that I could mention. I like writing during my free time, but also traveling, discovering new things and studying Japanese.

I am looking forward to studying together.



Q. Hi Professeur Nico! Would you kindly give a brief self­introduction to the Cafetalk community? A. Hello everyone ! My name is Nico, I am a French teacher. I also teach Latin and French literature. Maybe I will propose a future day on Cafetalk? Why not ! In fact, the origins of my family are quite diverse. French, of course, but also Belgian and Italian. The city where I grew up is called Mons,...

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