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【Self-introduction Hi, I’m Rieko!】

I love teaching and communicating with a lot of people with different backgrounds!

I can help students who want to develop any types of skills with my working experience as a consultant, coach and facilitator.

Hello, My name is Rieko. Welcome to Japanese world!!

I love learning English and teaching, now I am preparing for taking a exam for Japanese teacher's certificate and I am going to England to take a postgraduate programme of psychology this fall.

My work experience includes consulting, coaching, and facilitating to Japanese central governments, local governments and top-tier private companies for more than 10 years.

I am very happy to help students who are currently/will work at a Japanese company by developing their skills of Japanese and understanding of Japanese workplace culture.

I am also honored to help students who are crazy about Japanese Animations, Mangas and movies by sharing casual Japanese phrases or talks about Anime.

Of course, welcome to everyone who is interested in my introduction, let's talk!!

In a nutshell, I am interested in everyone who develop your Japanese skills. I can help you from a variety of angles because I am a professional coach and work experience as a consultant.

ENJOYING LEARNING is very important to accelerate your skill development!!I look forward to talk with you soon!! Let's enjoy talking!

Keywords: communication, business, public sector, coaching, facilitation, presentation, talent management, and writing(PPT, word)


Guide of our lesson

As a coach and tutor, I would like to ask and talk with you before we start to study what you want to do such as materials etc.

  1. Use our time to get to know each other.
  2. Share the reasons why you started to study Japanese and the targets or goals which you would like to achieve. If possible, I would like to ask short-term and long-term goals which would benefit us to do effective lessons.
  3. Discuss ways or approaches in order to achieve your goals.
  4. Discuss and decision how to use our lessons.
Attention! : It depends on your topics regarding how much time we will complete our discussion. I often use two slots to complete the process.

If you feel that it seems to be a waste of time, please talk with me the reasons why you think so. Anyway, above bullet points are my ideal plans, if you have already clarify your goals and what you want to study during our lesson, please share your stories to me!

I look forward to talking with you!!!

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