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From language education specialists to entrepreneurs, former actors, painters and even Japanese tutors living abroad - read what this diverse bunch of professionals at Cafetalk have to say.
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  • Guido

    Q. There are many Italian lessons! Can beginners take the lessons too?
    A. My goal is to teach students and make them able to have a short conversation in Italian. If you are a beginner, I will teach you how to introduce yourself in Italian. When you meet a Italian person for the first time, what is the proper thing to say?

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  • Eva B

    Q. I’m interested in your lesson, “English Comes Alive!” Please tell us about the lesson details.
    A. Oh! I love teaching “English Comes Alive!” In this lesson, I generally target 2 – 5 different language skills using activities and games. After the first lesson, I get a feel for what my student needs, ....

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  • Emi H

    Q. In your profile, it says that "Making Mistakes are Welcome!". Can you tell me what is special about your class?
    A. Ok...In short, my class can be described as a "fitting room" :simple_smile: Imagine a situation where you are standing in front of a closet or a boutiquea and trying to choose what to buy....

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