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Victor Trejo Tutor Interview

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Hello, everyone!

I have a natural passion for languages, so I will be happy to assist you learning English or Spanish (or CAD).

I have worked as a teacher for the last 4 years, with students of all ages. Language learning has always been fascinating for me and I hope to transmit you that outlook.

Are you willing to learn a language? Great! You've achieved a lot. Now I will do my best to keep you motivated, making the learning process enjoyable, fun and professional.

If you ask me -and I hope you ask me a lot of different things, I'm rather friendly. During most of my teenager years I was really shy, so I understand how it feels when your communication skills are limited.

And, just as you are, I am also an avid learner of languages. I'm studying Japanese right now! This has taught me to be patient and aware of my mistakes while using a different language.

Don't be afraid of making mistakes! We trip a lot before we learn how to walk!

Once again, don't hesitate to ask me anything!

In my spare time I keep busy reading, doing some woodwork, riding my mountain bike or just relaxing with my cat.


Victor Trejo

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