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Q. Hi Roxy! Would you kindly give a brief self-introduction to the Cafetalk community?

A. Hello everyone! My name is Roxy. I lived in a small village in Wales in the United Kingdom before coming to Okayama Japan in 2011. I decided to live in Japan so that I could marry my husband in 2012. I have been teaching English for about ten years. I used to teach English to non-native speakers in the U.K. before coming to Japan.

I like living in Japan and going for walks in the parks and going to the shopping centre when I have time. I usually buy cute character goods. I may be old but I still like ‘Hello Kitty’ and ‘Snoopy.’
I also love reading and watching stand up comedy and documentaries on the tv in my free time. 

My favourite food is curry and rice and I like to drink a lot of coffee. I always start my day with toast with margarine and a large cup of coffee, before starting my day on cafetalk.

Q. Tell Us A Little Bit About Where You’re From. According To Your Profile You Were Born In The U.K. What Is The Place You Grew Up In Like?

A. When I lived in the U.K. I spent most of my time walking up the mountains and along the rivers in Wales. I used to take a walk everyday along the cannel near my house. When I was living in Wales I trained as a teacher and did a lot of volunteer work at my childhood primary school. I used to teach the children a little Japanese and Chinese from time to time. Studying and teaching languages has always been my passion and hobby. I would spend most of my time trying to learn as many new Chinese and Japanese words as I could when I was not studying for my exams.

Q. Currently, You Live In Japan. Can You Tell Us A Little About Your Life Here.

A. I moved to Japan to live prominently in 2012. and I married  my husband that year. I really enjoy living in Japan and I love going to see the Sakura in spring. I live near a park so I can go and see sakura cherry blossoms as soon as they come into bloom. I think Japanese people are very friendly and also interested in meeting foreign people and learning about foreign cultures. I get asked a lot of questions about my life in Wales by the locals. However, after living in Japan for six years I have started to speak like the locals and use Okayama dialect at times. Some people find it funny but I think I should try and drop his habit. I live in the countryside so everyone speaks very strong Okayama dialect.

Q. Were You Interested In Japan Before Coming Here?

A. Before I came to Japan I had a small interest in reading Comics and my now husband would send me Nakayoshi and Ribbon magazines from time to time. I loved how bright, thick and pink they were. Other than that I did not know very much about Japan other than what my husband told me when we talked on skype every night. To tell the truth, when I first came to Japan I was shocked to find out that people did NOT usually wear a kimono. I know it sounds like a joke but I really thought that the kimono was still common clothing. (I was very young and naive.)

Q. You Also Speak Some Japanese! Can You Tell Us When And How You Started Studying Japanese?

A. I never really studied Japanese. After coming to Japan I realized that I had to speak Japanese to survive. Therefore I found some part time jobs working in various places and learned Japanese throughout my daily life.

Q. When You Are Not Teaching On Cafetalk What Are You Usually Up to?

A. When I am not teaching on cafetalk I am usually going outside to window-shop, or going for a walk with my daughter in the park. I don’t have many hobbies anymore. I used to collect fountain pens and write a lot. My dream is to get my stories about living in Japan published one day. I wrote about a lot of funny and interesting experiences I have had in Japan.

Q. We Saw On Your Profile That You Recently Became A Mother! How Is Life As A Mother Treating You?

A. At first when I found out I was going to become a mother I was very happy and very surprised as me and my husband had wanted a child for a long time. After giving birth to my daughter I found out that life as a mother is a wonderful thing but not easy. I am very happy that I have my husband here to help me. I love my job on cafetalk and I am so pleased I do not have to stop working. The best thing about being a mother is watching Sakura (my daughter) growing up and watching her learn how to do new things everyday. She has recently learned how to hold her head steady by herself a little.

Q. A Lot Of Students Are Probably Curious About The Atmosphere In Your Lessons. What Can A Student Imagine A Lesson With You Be Like?

A. I like my lessons on cafetalk to be very casual. I like to make my students feel like they are talking to a friend as well as a teacher. I like to try and make my students laugh during the lesson. At the end of most classes I feel like we have had a really enjoyable time together. I always make notes to leave in the feedback section after class. However I am a little bit strict when it comes to grammar. Sorry.

Q. Your Most Popular Lessons Are Your Conversation Classes, How Do You Manage To Improve Your Students’ English Through Simple Conversation?

A. When I am teaching ‘Free Conversation’ I often chat with my students about their day. What we both did, what we like to do in our free time. We often exchange amusing stories about what happened to us that day. I write down vocabulary that may not have been understood clearly and explain it as clearly as I can. I point out grammar mistakes and write them down on Skype. I sometimes use material online that I have found if my students are interested in a specific topic. I will always do research if the you want to talk about a topic I do not know much about.

Q. Other Than Your Conversation Classes You Offer A Variety Of Other Lesson. Do You Have A Couple That You’d Recommend For New Students To Try?

A. If I were to recommend some of my lessons to new students they would be:

Free conversation - This will help me get to know you and you get to know me and we usually end up having a good time together. 

Textbook study - We can find a textbook that suits your level and we can use it to study together. I will find material to suit your level and we will steadily work through the books together at a pace you find comfortable. 

I would finally recommend my EiKen class. I know many people are interested in taking the EiKen test, I teach all grades of Eiken and all sections of the test. Reading, listening, speaking, reading and writing. I will always help you and will try to make the lesson feel like you are taking the actual test so you will not feel so nervous when it comes to the real thing.

Q. Finally, Would You Like To Leave A Message For Your Current And Future Students?

A. I would like to end by saying. Thank you so much to my current students for studying with me. Teaching you all is what I look forward to most of all when I wake up each day. 

To my new students. I really am looking forward to meeting you all and I am sure we will have a wonderful, fun and educational time together.


(closed) roxy raven

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