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Conversation Challenge

25min 1,400 Points

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[includes feedback] Challenge yourself to discuss more difficult topics than usual




Let's sit down and talk!

In this lesson we can talk freely in English about a set topic. By discussing a topic you can target more difficult vocabulary and expressions. You will also improve your ability to express opinions and form arguments. This lesson is suitable for intermediate or advanced English speakers.

If you are feeling shy or not sure what to talk about, don't worry, I will guide the conversation along by asking questions.

What to expect:

  • Before the lesson I will send you a news article for you to read before we talk. In the lesson I will answer any questions about unknown vocabulary, expressions, or grammar.
  • In the lesson we will have easy conversation about the topic in the article, usually current events from around the world. My goal is to keep talking in ONLY English. I will ask some questions to keep you talking about the topic.
  • While we are talking I will teach you new expressions or words if you have a hard time expressing something
  • After the lesson finishes, I will send you feedback that includes new words and expressions, and corrected sentences so that you can study them later improve your fluency and accuracy in English!

How is this different from "English Conversation with Mary" lessons?

  • includes set topic and news article
  • more difficult topics than everyday conversation
  • includes feedback after the lesson

I can't wait to meet you and talk!

If you have any questions, please try my counselling session.

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