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Tracy R. Story Audio Books (Advanced Level)

Story Audio Books (Advanced Level)

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Audio Books made for English learners!


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Do you like to read or hear stories read to you? This lesson is great for those who want something to listen to while relaxing, riding on the train or working around the house. These stories are a great way to study, learn new words and improve your listening comprehension. They are fun and short to medium length. (Perfect for people who want something to listen to besides the news.) Each story is written and read with the ESL learner in mind so every story is easier to understand and slower than regular news broadcasts and native speaker's audiobooks.

You'll get one downloadable MP3 audiobook with transcript so you can read along if you want, which will be sent to you within 24 hours of requesting the lesson. After you purchase the book, it's yours to listen to whenever you want; on your computer at home, or on your phone or tablet on the train or anywhere!

These stories are for individual use only. Please do not share them with your friends since I work hard on each story. If you would like to use these stories in a classroom, please contact me first.

Stories Available:
Atalanta (11 minutes)

To get a story, make a lesson request and write the name of the story you want (one book per lesson request). I will send the MP3 recording and written transcript within 24 hours.

Advanced stories are longer (word content) than most intermediate stories, but they are read at a near native speed. Advanced stories have more complex vocabulary and introduce students to common American story themes with much longer sentences. If you need slower narration or simpler vocabulary, please look at my Story Audio Book lesson for the Intermediate and Beginner's levels.
Beginner Level Students: https://cafetalk.com/lessons/detail/?id=51085&lang=en 
Intermediate Level Students: https://cafetalk.com/lessons/detail/?id=50077&lang=en 

New Students Welcome!

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Audio Books made for English learners!

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