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Connie Scuderi Test Preparation: TOEFL

Test Preparation: TOEFL

50min 2,400 Points

Skype Lesson

Practice test taking, learn strategies, work on grammar and vocabulary development




We will focus on both the language needs as well as strategies to manage your time as you answer the questions.    We will talk about target score, and what best helps you reach that target.   

We will spotlight the following as you need to develop:
1-    Vocabulary
2-    Grammar
3-    Stryle of writing
4-    Reading comprehension
5-    Listening
6-    Speaking
7-    Organizing study sessions, and practice writing

We will plan together in the first session after introductions and evaluation, what your target may be, what your strengths and weaknesses may be, anda how to practice and strategize for success and for building confidence in your ability and level of proficiency.
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Connie Scuderi
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Hello, and thank you for this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Connie Scuderi.   I have been a certified (TEFL) English Language teacher for more than 15 years and can honestly s...

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