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Ale G Spanish conversation for beginners

Spanish conversation for beginners

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I'll use gestures, pictures, and whatever it takes to get you to understand!




Level up just by listening and answering! Talk in all Spanish with a native speaker, adjusted to your interests and objectives. This class is for absolute beginner students! (If you can already speak a little, I have another class for you.)

I'll talk to you about something you have an interest in. By making use of gestures and pictures, I'll make it so you understand what I'm saying, even if you don't know the words. Then with those words and expressions you were able to comprehend you can ask questions or comment on the subject. This way you'll learn bits of the language in a natural fashion, no grammar involved. This is referred to as “comprehensible input”.

In other words, we'll just have fun discussing different subjects, making flexible use of the language!

No corrections policy

I'm not going to point out your mistakes. In this lesson I put an emphasis on communication. Therefore, I'll ask you to relax and keep your perfectionism in check. All that matters is whether we can communicate!

But will I learn at all this way…?

When we focus on how correct our language is, we become hesitant, and speaking naturally what comes to our mind becomes much more difficult. The objective here is getting used to Spanish, through which you'll naturally become better at it.

Actually, the principle behind this method is the same as learning to ride a bicycle. For that, we need no knowledge about the physics of the bicycle riding. In the same way, grammar and other language “meta-cognition” is not necessary to learn Spanish. Simply put, the more accustomed to the language you become, your output also just becomes progressively better, more correct and richer.

What will we talk about?

The subject can be pretty much anything. Maybe about everyday things, or about something you're very familiar with. Or we can pick something related to your hobbies, or to your language learning objectives. In order to prepare for the lesson, I hope you'll tell me in advance. I'm waiting!

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(↑Please turn on subtitles) ¡Hola! 初めまして!大家好!Hi there! I'm Ale. I'm a Chilean in love with languages. My mission here is to share with you all I've learned about language learning...

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All that which seems “obvious” about language learning might just not...

All that which seems “obvious” about language learning might just not...

All that which seems “obvious” about language learning might just not...

Spanish conversation for beginners

45min 2,000P

Skype Lesson

I'll use gestures, pictures, and whatever it takes to get you to unde...

Spanish conversation

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Practice using Spanish in conversation!

Language consulting

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Advice, or any odd request I may help you with.

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