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Pack of 4 French conversation lesson (intensive pack) / フランス語会話練習

30min 5,400 Points (1,350 Points per lesson)

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4 lessons to refresh your French skills or start again learning French 日常会話/ フランス語で話しましょう!(^^)



Lesson Pack Details

This is a 4-lesson pack. You will be issued 3 "coupons" when the first request is confirmed. You will be able to use these coupons for subsequent requests in the pack. Please note that all requests related to this pack must be taken within 60 days of the confirmation date of the first request.


Refresh your French by having focused short conversations on topics you chose or on recent news

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This tutor's cancellation policy

Cancellation of pack lessons
'Unstarted' lesson packs can be cancelled any time. Used Points will be completely refunded. If a 'started' lesson pack is cancelled, you will be refunded 50% of the price of the remaining lessons provided that the lessons are unrequested, unconfirmed or not within 24 hours of their scheduled start times.

Cancelling individual requests in a pack
• If you wish to cancel a single lesson that belongs to a pack but not the whole pack, you can do so via the request page. In this case, the coupon used to book the lesson will either be refunded or collected, based on the following policy.
Before request is confirmed (fixed)
• Cancelation possible at any time without charge.

After request is confirmed (fixed)
• Less than 6hours before lesson start time.→ Coupon will be consumed.
No-Show→ Coupon will be consumed.

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皆さん、こんにちは!ブルゴーニュから出身で、フランス人です。マーケティングのマナジャーとして10年間で働いたあと、フランスで大学で10年間フランス語で、英語でとドイツ語でマーケティングとビジネスを教えました。五年まえに、初めて日本に来た時、とても好きになりました。笑今北海道に住んでいて、フランス語と英語を教えています。 私の興味は漫画、書道とよさこいです。教えるのは楽しです!一緒に頑張りましょう...

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Pack of 4 (1,500 Points per lesson)

How to be best prepared for a trip or a short stay in France?

Counseling for French Lessons -

20min 700P

Skype Lesson

Let's find together the best lesson(s) which suit your needs, goal, l...

Focus on improving your French speaking skills and enrich your vocabu...


60min 2,500P

Skype Lesson

フランス語で読んで、読む内容について話しましょう! Reading and conversation lesson

Pack of 4 (1,350 Points per lesson)

4 lessons to refresh your French skills or start again learning Frenc...

Let's master together the grammar points you have difficulties with!


40min 1,800P

Skype Lesson

発音と読む練習です。 All levels. Learn how to speak like French people do.

Français des affaires Let’s talk business in French.

Let’s read mangas in French! Apprenons en s’amusant!

Pack of 4 (2,000 Points per lesson)

Expression écrite en Français Write texts until 300 words and get c...

How to write a CV in French?

45min 2,800P

Skype Lesson

how to make your curriculum vitae attractive for French people. Which...

Let’s read easy books in French!

50min 2,500P

Skype Lesson

フランスの本を読みましょう! Lisons ensemble des auteurs français! Reading in Fre...

let's prepare you for interviews in French!

Lire et écrire des poèmes

50min 7,000P

Skype Lesson
Pack of 3 (2,333 Points per lesson)

Read French Poetry and Learn how to write a poem in French

Learn French by learning a new recipe! フランス語で簡単な料レシピを習いましょう!

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