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English Talk (50 Minutes)

50min 1,100 Points

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English conversation with a native speaker




Great for Intermediate and Advanced students.

This is a 50 minute conversation lesson to practice speaking in English in your free time. Let's talk about what you like. This lesson is great for longer, more detailed conversations. You can relax and talk with me about many topics. For example, current events, your daily life, hobbies, travel, your favourite things etc. Give your opinions on interesting topics in popular media. Anything is ok! If you want, I can also suggest several topics to have a conversation about if you need ideas.

I can give a native speaker's advice on more natural and popular expressions. Don't be shy and don't worry about making mistakes, I am happy to help you. After our conversation I will give you feedback on our conversation and advice. The #1 rule of conversations is to enjoy talking.

If you have specific topics you want to talk about, please message me at least 1 day before our lesson. Thank you.

Let's enjoy talking together!
See you soon!
New Students Welcome!

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Carlene C.
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Hi! Welcome! About me.My name is Carlene. I'm from Barbados in the Caribbean. I am a native English speaker. I lived in Japan for 6 years and now I live in Barbados. I love traveling, I have traveled...

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