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Yuko_M English for Absolute Beginners (50 min)

English for Absolute Beginners (50 min)

50min 2,500 Points

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Learn English from the very basics with me! I will share some tricks to speaking English.


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Does this sound like you?

You thought about getting started with English several times
You even bought some books and listened to English audio lessons
But you don’t know where and how to start again
You don’t have confidence in your reading or pronunciation
You don’t know where to go from “How are you? I’m fine, thank you. How about you?

If you’re not sure where and how to start, let me help you find the learning style that suits you best!

The most important thing when you’re just getting started is getting yourself used to saying English words out loud.

In this lesson, you will listen to English words and practice saying them aloud as you learn their meanings.

Do you have trouble answering questions in more than one sentence? If it were your native language, you would definitely be able to give detailed answers, but in English you end up giving short, one-sentence answers. 

In this lesson, I will help you resolve that issue while finding your speaking habits, patterns, and weak spots and giving you advice. 

The textbook I use for this course is also used in language schools, so it’s full of pictures and dialogue. 

Please feel free to give this lesson a try!^^

After the lesson has been completed, I will send you a personalized powerpoint, self study guide, etc. that matches your learning type and help you study every day even outside of class.

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Let’s start studying English together from the very basics! Lesson au...

Learn English from the very basics with me! I will share some tricks ...

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