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Center Test English (High School)

60min 3,000 Points

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Are you preparing for your college entrance exams? There is a limit to how much memorizing English grammar can help you! If you can understand the English grammar, your motivation will double! Good luck(*^^)v




About 20% The National Center Test for University Admissions is grammar questions!

But don't make the mistake of thinking that will make things easy. Without sufficient knowledge of English grammar, you will not be able to comprehend the English texts. You cannot get a high score by guessing the answers. But since you wrestle with these English questions day to day, you already know all of this.

You need to build up knowledge every day in order to get a good score on the Center Test. Understand the grammar, memorize the vocab, understand the meaning of long texts, read out loud, and repeat!

It's hard to work on the areas you are weaker in, but you can face it now while you are young! 

I will help you train your English muscles! 

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Hi! I'm Yukarin. I live in Oita Prefecture in Japan. Learning  foreign languages is fun. I'm also learning English now. So I deeply understand your difficulties and strong passion. I know Japan...

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