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Nov 16, 2019 07:10 ~ Mar 30, 2020 07:10
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最近、すぐ悲観的になり落ち込んでしまう若者が多いです。 何故、そのような社会現象が起きたのでしょうか?


Counseling Session

30min 500P

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Overcome the obstacles in front of you!


JLPT Prep Counselling (20 minutes)

20min 500P

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Review your learning process and check areas you need to focus on bef...

Grammar: Verb

50min 2,000P

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Learn correct usage of verbs!


Focused Lesson: Kanji

50min 1,600P

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Kanji isn’t scary! Since Japanese mixes hiragana, katakana, kanji, ro...

Focused Lesson: Keigo

50min 1,600P

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Japanese is made up of a mix of kanji and kana. Even if you get used ...

Learn how to read Japanese newspapers that mix Kanji and Kana! Goodby...

Free Spirits

30min 1,000P

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For people who can speak Japanese to a certain extent. Let’s have an ...

Free Conversation [60min]

60min 2,200P

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Let’s talk about anything that you would like in Japanese! How was yo...

New Lesson 日本文化を学ぶ

90min 2,100P

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A challenge

60min 2,100P

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50min 2,000P

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Take a Quick Trip to Historic Japan!

50min 2,000P

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One of the most historic sites where travelers must visit is Tōshōgu ...

Pencil and Eraser

40min 1,500P

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Customized version of the focused lessons. Have you ever realized tha...


60min 1,800P

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I Love Japan!! (Beginner II)

50min 1,800P

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This is the continuation of the “Let’s Speak Japanese” lesson. We wil...


25min 900P

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