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Super Special New Lesson.

Jun 13, 2018

Hello Everyone, 
This is a face to face lesson. 
This lesson is only open to people living in Okayama prefecture.  
This face to face course is now at a special start up cost!
I will open this class for the first time next Saturday June 23rd. From 20:00pm-22:00pm (if you would like a different time please inform me after booking) 

I would like the lesson to last for 1 hour per student. 
After booking the lesson please tell me the time you would like. 
This class will take place in Okayama city center. 
I will email you the address and location and contact number after you have booked this lesson.  

I am sorry but I can not for your parking fee. 
Please understand that if you wish to cancel after booking this lesson you must pay at least 50% cancellation fee. 

I can teach:  Eiken (all grades.) IELTS and TOEIC



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