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A new Discount Lesson Package for "Quick American English!"

Jun 9, 2018

Dear Cafetalk Community,
I decided to add a Discount Package for my "Quick American English" Lesson. This package includes six lessons for the price of five! That means one Lesson is Free! This 15-minute lesson is suitable for students who want to practice English on a regular basis, but don't have much time. It's perfect for busy mothers and fathers, employees with work-overload, and students who don't have much time.
I believe it is better to take lessons on a regular basis to improve and maintain your English speaking skills. This class is appropriate for both children and adults! We can have a "Free Talk" conversation or anything else you'd like to work on during the lesson. In addition, this class is suitable for beginners all the way to advanced students. I will cater to your proficiency level.
If you're busy but want to learn English, this Discount Package is for you! I am a gentle, easy-going, and friendly English tutor, but I take my work seriously. I would appreciate it if you can take this lesson under consideration. Have a wonderful day! Hope to see you soon!
Warmest regards,
Lady Ayame
(Patricia Ayame Thomson)

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