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[ネイティブに通じない和製英語②] 「クラクション」

Jun 8, 2018

Hello カフェトークの皆さん!

Origin 語源

クラクション comes from the word “klaxon” in English. A klaxon is an old type of horn that used to be used in air-raid sirens, alarms, and automobiles more than half a century ago. However, most middle-aged and younger English speakers now have no idea what this word means.

Japanese Meaning 日本語の意味

クラクション in Japanese is used to talk about the horn of a car.

In Japan, the horn is often used to say thank you and alert other drivers on the road.

How should I say it in English? 英語で何と言ったらいいんですか?

Where I live, we call a クラクション a horn. It is often used with the verb honk.

In fact, this is one of the very few situations that we say the work honk in English.

Example Sentence 例文

(Situation: two friends are in a car.)

"He just cut you off! Are you not going to honk your horn!?"




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