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Double Word of the Week: "to embellish" - "embellir"

Jun 2, 2018 | 4 Comments

Hey Cafetalkers! Hope you're having a great weekend!
Today, our word comes from one of my favorite hobbies: sewing. I like to add things to clothing and accessories to make them more beautiful, like beads, stones or embroidery. We also use this word to describe when someone makes a story more interesting by exaggerating some facts. 

This week, our word is...... 
- to embellish(v.) = 1. to make something more attractive by adding decorative details or features. 2. to make a story more interesting by adding extra details that are often untrue.
EX: My mother's wedding dress was white silk embellished with gold embroidery.
EX: Steve likes to embellish his fishing stories. 

Cette semaine, notre mot est....
- embellir (v.) = 1. Rendre beau ou plus beau (une personne, un visage). 2. Améliorer une histoire avec des détails exagérés. 
EX: J'aime embellir mes sacs à main avec des petits joyaux. 
EX: Mon père embellit souvent ses histoires d'enfance. 

The first person to answer correctly in the comments section gets a coupon for 10% off!
--> On which continent is Sierra Leone located?

(NEW RULE! The same person can't win twice in a row - that way, everyone gets a chance to play :-) )

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