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How To Learn While Sleeping

Mar 13, 2018

Resting your textbook near your pillow will not do any good to your studying for sure. But there is a method that I have used from long ago to learn a new language and also to review for examination, and it does help me a lot. Since I feel like my stupid tip helped me to remember the same amount of knowledge more quickly than my roommate aka my classmate at that time ^^. She spent all night to cram her textbook while I did 1-hour review before getting to sleep and still get the higher score ~~ . So what is the tip??

In the case of preparing for tests:

Step1: Sum up everything you need to remember in only 1 page.

If you have more space than 1 page you would copy the whole book and that means nothing ~~ When you have only 1 page, you need to try to read through and find the important ideas which could fit into your note ~~

Step2: Cram through your paper not more than 10 times

Do it twice looking at the paper and then speak as if you are having a presentation, skim your main ideas quickly before you speak and then only look at your note in a few seconds if you forget something. After that read all out loud and record it to an mp3 file on your phone.

Step3:  Go to sleep  ^_^

Turn on the auto-replay mode of your speaking file, leave it all to your brain and go to sleep ^^

In the case of a general day that you want to reinforce your studying, just record anything you want to remember and play it all night when you sleep ( just do not open it too loudly ~~)

At first, I myself doubt this method a lot ~~ Because it’s just …hard to believe~~ Even when we are totally awake and in control, we find it difficult trying to remember stuff not to say when we are sleeping. So then I try to find any research that may relate to this. And this is what I found:

In the new study, published online June 24 in the journal Nature Neuroscience, study participants were given diagrams that showed them how to play two simple piano melodies, each 12 notes long. They spent an equal amount of time practicing playing each tune, then took a 90-minute nap. While they slept, one of the melodies was quietly played on repeat for four minutes. As a result, upon awakening, the study participants could accurately play the cued melody 4 percent more often than the melody that was not played while they slept — a significant memory boost, considering it resulted from just four minutes of "sleep-learning."

"The re-activation process in the experiment is thought to affect a naturally occurring memory consolidation process that normally proceeds over months (possibly years)," said Paul Reber, a psychologist at Northwestern and co-author of the study’’ from www.livescience.com


Why don’t you try this method yourself and see how it works? ^^



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