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日本の子供とノルウェーの子供 Japanese children and Norwegian children

Nov 24, 2017


Currently I teach trombone to 8-year-old children though, they are amazingly uncontrolable!!


I consider what kind of activity we do, how I can motivate them every time!!


That is same as what I was doing as a teacher in Japan though, their behaviours and freedom extend my imagine!!


Japanese ways dont pass to them...


But I think although Japanese children are diciplined well instead, they become to be afraid of being an unusual person.


I guess thats why there are many Japanese people who cant have a dream and cant be adventurrous.


Theres not a right and collect education though, itd be the best if we mix Norwegian education and Japanese education and devide it into 2, I think.


By the way, I got an unexpected response from Norwegian children after I showed how Japanese children practice in a brassband orchestra to them.


I guessed they might think its amazing that Japanese children practice instruments while they are crying because of lacking skills...But


They asked me why they didnt quit if they suffered it.


Ah, you think so?haha


It seemed to be curious for Norwegian that Japanese make efforts even though its very tough for them.

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