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Use a club or hobby to learn English. . . or volunteer!

Dec 12, 2011

Tip #2: Use a club, activity, or hobby to learn English. . . or volunteer!

When I first came to Japan, I volunteered at a horse riding club. It was fun for me, since I enjoy horse training, but it was also very good for learning Japanese. Other people at the horse riding club spoke only Japanese, so it was an ideal environment to learn the language. Also, the physical activity and busy schedule were important factors in naturally acquiring vocabulary.

Research shows that physical activity is important for learning. If your body is active and moving while you are learning, your brain will retain information better! Also, if you enjoy the activity, you can learn English in a natural way. Imagine learning new vocabulary while doing your favorite hobby. . .


In my city, one of my students is involved in an English club. There is also a free English cafe, which offers free English discussion, a Photo Club, and a College Club. No matter where you live, you can probably find some English clubs or English cafes. If you can't find an English club in your city, maybe you should start one. Here is a great article about how to start an English club.

One of my other students volunteers with an "International Students" group, helping foreigners to learn Japanese. This is a good opportunity for using English, doing a language exchange, and learning about other cultures. Most community centers or city offices in Japan have some kind of international office, with bulletin boards or newsletters advertising English opportunities in the city.

Find an opportunity in your city, and get involved!


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