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オンライン・クッキング・レッスン Online cooking lesson

Oct 30, 2017

My friend Tsukasa, who lives in Aomori, and I had a successful online cooking lesson for the first time! 


Tsukasa got some students to come over to her house, and I taught them how to make Danish pancakes through Skype. According to my Danish friends who taught me, this is their grandmother's recipe! It traveled from Denmark to Penang, and finally to Aomori, Japan! 


They are quite thin pancakes, and you can eat them with some rasberry or strawberry jam with vanilla icecream, or sugar and lemon juice. 


When I told about this lesson to my Danish friends, they decided to invite themselves over to our breakfast lol! They clearly couldn't resist it lol! But this created the 'real' Danish experience for the students in Aomori! 


We enjoyed it, they enjoyed it :) 


I offer lessons where you can read English recipes with me. Depending on your needs, we could possibly make it online like this. Please check my profile if you are interested. 


*Notice* お知らせ


Hurry! The discount coupon is until 2nd of November. 


I will go back to Japan from 3rd of November for 2 weeks. I will be again available for lessons from 20th of November. 


I added extra time when I am available for lessons. Please check my schedule. 

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