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ペナンからはじめまして! Hello from Penang!

Oct 19, 2017

みなさん、はじめまして。Cafetalkの新任講師のKeiko Davyです。

Hello everyone, my name is Keiko Davy, a new Cafetalk teacher. 


I am Japanese but have been living in Penang, Malaysia for almost 3 years. Although Penang is multi-cultural and almost anything essential is available at the supermarkets etc, it is not as diverse as Singapore or Bangkok. I feel this way particularly in terms of food.  Therefore, when you can't find what you are after, for example, something authentic and traditional, you must try to make it yourself! (Well, you must try to make it as authentic as possible, of course...) 

そして… これが私の今回の努力の賜物です。イングリッシュ・ポーク・パイ。

So... this was my attempt - English Pork Pie. 


This uses hot water crust pastry with lard, filled with chopped pork loin and bacon etc. My British husband seems to think this is as close as it can get to the real pork pie outside of England... I can happily say I got an approval! 


As you see, we enjoy real food and various food! 

⁂ 料理に興味のある方は、英語のレシピを読んで英語も勉強してしまいましょう!というレッスンもあります。To those who are interested in cooking, why don't you learn English through English recipes? Please check my profile for more details.  

⁂ オーストラリアやマレーシアでの生活や海外生活、海外旅行や留学、日本語教師について何かお話されたい方は、Keiko の部屋で受け付けております。I can see those who want to talk about life in Ausralia/Malaysia or overseas, traveling, studying abroad, Japanese language teacher etc. in Keiko's Room. For more details, please check my profile. 

*Notice* お知らせ


I will go back to Japan from 3rd of November for 2 weeks. I will be again available for lessons from 20th of November. 


I added extra time when I am available for lessons. Please check my schedule. 

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