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How to make a phrasebook

Sep 27, 2017 | 2 Comments

As you would have probably guessed by now, I won't give you any pre-made material for you to memorize and then, voilá! speak Spanish fluently.

Nope, my job is to guide you to speak Spanish but you have to do the job.

And your job is to create your own personalised phrasebook. As I mentioned yesterday, learning list of words is pointless, as pointless is to get a phrasebook from the market and then find that you would never use half of the sentences there.

You have to create your own phrase book. How? Start with your own experiences and life. 


  • Your life and experiences (“I have lived in 5 different countries”)
  • Your family and relations (“I am single”)
  • Your hometown and country (“I’m from a small city in Spain.”)
  • Your hobbies and interests (“I’m a vegetarian.”)
  • Your school and studies (“I studied Arts and got a masters.”)
  • Your job or profession (“teacher” or “online business"

Happy to help.

Questions about how to start making your personalised phrasebook? 
You need a paper small and portable notebook.
Draw a vertical line in each page. 
Your mother language words / expressions go on the left side and the Spanish equivalent on the right, or the other way round (that is just my preference)

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