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The Joy Of Flash Cards

Jan 16, 2017

What is the best way to remember things?  

To repeat words and see words over and and over again. What makes it more fun? Flash cards!!

Flash cards are good for children and adults. It's great to associate words with pictures. It makes learning English fun and more interesting. You may like to use newspapers to learn when you get to a more advanced stage of learning, however, I still love to use flashcards just at the beginning or end of the lesson,  so you can remember key points in grammar, sentance structure and the ablitlity to expand on your descriptive language. 

How would you explain 

赤飯 or れんこん?

would you be able to explain it to me? Yes I think you would. 

Would you  find it easier to explain if I had a picture to show you? I think you maybe would. 

Do you agree with me? Would you like to try? 

I am very excited to see you all. 

Thank you for reading 


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