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Soft Texture Painting Effects - Watercolor

Nov 24, 2016

As we all know, rendering your artwork with watercolor and the water as its base is quite hard to control. However, watercolor is not only about managing the water and your watercolor pigments. It's also meant to let go of your hand. It gives us the opportunity to observe very well while looking forward to fruitful painting effects. Paint what you see whether it's softly or hardly textured. There is more beyond the tricks and secrets to watercolor, if only you try to discover.

In this artwork, as you see, I painted and emphasized the gown fabric, drapery of curtain and seating upholsteries to showcase soft textured materials. I use the unified color and texture of vintage theme in blue, black,  neutral and old earth tone colors for a more unified look although they are of different objects. Watercolor is challenging and fun!

In painting, regardless of any medium, there will always be the basic and fundamentals for you to create excellent and successful painting pieces. There are various steps and techniques to make things look soft or hard, shiny or dull, rough or smooth.  Thus, texture study is one of the most crucial and essential parts in learning the watercolor. 

Before creating excellent artwork pieces, you will surely enjoy the relaxed and basic exercises in very comprehensible methods in my class. Remember, a man paints with his brain and not with his hands. We will learn more about "how to see" as we paint. "You" can even paint too! You'll never know how much fun it is until you give it a try. Let's wash and fall in love with watercolors!

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