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Woah! Texture Effects by Pencils!

Jul 3, 2016

What do you think about the first set of covered lessons in my Basic Sketching Class? Do you think of some amazing drawings like perfect portrait drawings? or a very nice landspace scenery? Amazing Illustrations? Mind Blowing geometrical drawings? Perfect Body figures as first encounter for our drawing activities?

Well I must yes, we will go through these, but not on the first set of line up lessons! Intermediate drawing activities wont be your first encounter on my Basic Sketching and Drawing Class. So worry no more because you can't make a good drawings without the basics!  Let's start from the beggining ~ easy, fun and comprehensible learning experience just like this textural material effects from different shades of your pencils! I'm sure that you will enjoy playing with your pencils through this unwinding sketching activity! And trust me you can do this too! :)

This is a textural study for some hard material finishes used for interior designing. If you can see the first texture(upper left) its the marble finish mostly used for your kitchen counter tops, walls or floors. The next texture(upper right) is the brick finish with its versatile use, while the 3rd texture(lower left) is the "sawali material finish" ~ this is basically the woven split bamboo mats widely used in the Philippines. Its inexpensive because its one of the raw materials easily found on rural areas here. It is originally used for the walls of the native houses in the philippines and also widely used for furniture, screens or accented accessories. The last texture(lower right) is the rough wood finish or somewhat like drift wood textures. Sketching and drawing is another good strategy for studying and getting familiarized with the textures and other features of designing as well.

What's the essence of studying all of these? Texture is just one of the good elements of Arts. This will serve as the good foundation of every artworks! So come learn sketching and studying texture effects with Jaja!

So book my Basic Sketching and Drawing Class now because I can't wait to see you on my class! I'm on my 75% off for any of my lessons including this sketching lesson! See you! :)


Lesson: Basic Sketching
Price: 2000 Points
Length: 50
Trial Minutes: 20
URL: http://cafetalk.com/lessons/detail/?id=62785

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