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Your Kid's Expressive Artworks!

Jun 27, 2016

Children especially of early childhood and elementary age are naturally curious. They have so much in their mind that represents and narrates their own artistic stories. They wildly explore, experiment and imagine with their manipulative art tools and materials, and the  various things from their own personal experience. You'll notice how they actively talk and create imaginative play in their thoughts everytime. This is because they love freely expressing themselves and they always love to be heard.  In this way, they are also encouraged to learn. Thus, Art has the major role to introduce multiple intelligence, skills  and development in their expressive thoughts and feelings. 

Their opportunity of making art by means of different "Processes of Art" (drawing, painting, print making and 3d making in different media) is the best platform for them to be heard verbally and emotionally. This serve as their creative outlet to express themselves in their own artistic way. 

Let's talk about your children's artworks and explore more beyond their expressions! Let's support their fancy and creative stories! Join Teacher Jaja's Children's Art Lesson and enjoy fun story telling behind their every artworks! I prepare easy, fun and exciting art activities for your children! 

Book your kid's Art Lesson now! Teacher Jaja is looking forwards to see you on my class!  :)

Lesson: Children Art Lessons
Price: 1500 Points
Length: 40
Trial Minutes: 20
URL: http://cafetalk.com/lessons/detail/?id=57649

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