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Furniture Study through Watercolors

Jun 22, 2016

This is an old wardrobe furniture called "Aparador De Tres Lunas" found at Casa Manila Museum in the Philippines. This spacious wardrobe in three wide doors is usually located at the master's bedroom. Classic Filipino furniture has widely spanish influences from its motifs and design, to structure and furniture vocabulary terms, simply because the Philippines was a colony of Spain for 300 years. Old houses here has the spanish influences in most aspects as well. This is also the reason why some Tagalog(our national language) words sounds like Spanish too.

Studying furniture is by getting familiarized  with every motifs, parts of the furniture, the original materials and finishes, the touch of craftmanship, its economic status and the history period it entails.  Drawing and rendering will help you study every little details of furniture.  Watercolor mixed with other medium has been widely used by the designers as a study strategy. Watercolors can easily be played with its transparent and fresh colors, perfect for studying the color theory, the textural effects, getting familiarized well with the color and textures of furniture materials, and more beyond it painting techniques effects. We also used watercolors in our Interior Design manual perspective rendering. And though we  belong now to a digital world, traditional watercolor painting will remain timeless and will always be an important skills for every designer.

I paint this furniture on my college days few years ago. And though furniture class is confusing because of the similarities with some of its features, it was always interesting and fun with watercolors! Want some more of the designer thoughts? I'll look forward to post for more insightful designer's stuff! :) 

How about watercolors? Want to learn watercolors with Jaja? Unwind with the love of watercolors, not only to study such artsy things but also to express your deep thoughts with me! Don't worry if you feel that you are terrible in this kind of stuff. That is the reason why you are taking my basic painting class! So keep calm, run the risk, have fun and fall in love with watercolors! 

Jaja is looking forwards to meet you in this painting class! :)) 

Lesson: Watercolor Painting Class
Price: 2500 Points
Length: 50
Trial Minutes: 25
URL: http://cafetalk.com/lessons/detail/?id=57965


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