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Paint your Flowery Thoughts with Watercolors!

Jun 21, 2016

Do you also love flowers? Its scent, colors and how it dance in the wind? Do you love receiving them or giving them to someone? Do flowers draw smiles to your face or to someone you had given as well? Do they make you happy? 

I'm always astonished on how do flowers invite and foster appreciation in every person's eyes and heart. Whether those people love flowers or not, flowers will always be as charming and inviting as they are!  No matter how much you look and step back in life living in the past, or be too much optimistic that you rush life into the future, those flowers will keep inviting you to live in the present times.  They will make you fully aware on how beautiful they bloom in the present, on how much they want you to notice their scents and to enter your nosetrils right away; and on how much they love you to watch their current dance steps. They want you to slow down in life, pause for awhile, touch them, smile at them and share those smiles to other people.

Now, what's more amazing about flowers?  They smile back at you and draw smiles to your face too. They can heal you and make you feel appreciated. They want you to know that you belong to the nature as well. That you are as beautiful and wonderful as they naturally do. That you are more than enough to be someone's happiness too.  Also, you are meant to bloom and fall down to the ground, and then to bloom again the next season into a new, fresh and extraordinary "you", just like how they do. You are meant to be born and to die. Yet, God mysteriously created precious time for you to enjoy the life and to share both the joy and sorrow with other people as well,  by whichever means you can. 

I made this watercolor painting three years ago and I wont forget how I put smiles to my boyfriend's mother. It's not the real flowers though, but her heart is amazingly caught by those charms! With that, she made me love the flowers even more and I felt so very happy and appreciated. I always love flowers since then, maybe for an art and design theme, to paintings, artwork inspirations or by just having flowers around or maybe by giving some fresh flowers to someone special either way. How truly sweet the flowers are!  They will remain God's wonderful creation!

How about you? Have you ever feel appreciated too? What about your flowery thoughts? I'm here to listen! Give it a try and Paint your flowery thoughts with Watercolors! Just feel free to express it and don't worry, I'm a friend! Your thoughts are safe with Jaja!  ;) 

Jaja is looking forwards to meet you on  this painting class! :))

Lesson: Watercolor Painting Class
Price: 2500 Points
Length: 50
Trial Minutes: 25
URL: http://cafetalk.com/lessons/detail/?id=57965


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