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Easy Read for Beginners: I don't use Facebook and Twitter

Weekly Topic: Which social media platform do you use most often?

May 18, 2020

Hello Everybody! =D

Most people in Japan use Facebook and Twitter. I don't use Facebook and Twitter often. I usually use Instagram.

When I joined Facebook I was 19 or 20 years old. I used it to stay in touch with my friends from Highschool after graduation, but I didn't like that everyone was stalking each other, so I deleted my account a couple years later.

When I made a Twitter account I was 25. I used it to follow celebrities  and musicians, especially K-pop idols I liked. But in Germany Twitter wasn't very popular back then. That's why I didn't have many friends on Twitter (LOL)! So I didn't really use it a lot.

When I made an Instagram account I was 27. I was interested in fashion, traveling, vegan  food, and making online friends in Japan and Korea. I wanted to practice writing my thoughts  and opinions  in other languages. It was the first time that I didn't use any German on my social media account. I communicated  in English, Japanese, and Korean only. It helped me to find new friends and talk about the things that I liked with them. I also enjoyed taking artistic  pictures (but actually they are not that artistic, haha).

When I moved to Japan in 2016, all my friends had Facebook and Twitter accounts. Everyone asked me for my social media. That's why I created new Facebook and Twitter accounts only for my new friends in Asia. But I still don't use it often. I still don't like the stalking options on facebook. And I only use Twitter to check information about earthquakes  and typhoons.

I use instagram almost every day, though. I don't post  things on my feed  every day, but I post many stories for my family and friends who are not living in Japan. This way we can stay in touch. My family is so far away, but because they see my stories on instagram, they can be a part of my life. They know that I am okay and healthy. And I know that they are okay, as well. Another good point is, that I don't have to contact all of my close friends one by one. When I upload something they can comment on my story, if they have time. That way we regularly  have very short and small conversations . That's why I like instagram and why I use it the most.

How about you?
Which social media do you use the most?
Do you like instagram?
How often do you use it?
Was this column easy to read for you?

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I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts about this.

See you in the next column~!

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