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My New Year's Dish

Weekly Topic: What to eat on New Years?

Jan 2, 2020

Happy New Year, everyone!  I'm Teacher Asuka.
May the year 2020 be more healthy, wealthy, peaceful and fruitful year for all of you!   

Well, I' m going to talk about traditional Japanese New Year's Dish called 'Osechi -Ryori.' You can also enjoy seeing my attached photo whose Osechi -Ryori has been made all by myself!!

Each of the dishes holds a special meaning in welcoming the New Year.

I will explain in detail what each of the items in Osechi Ryori symbolizes and the meaning and types as much as possible below.

Osechi Ryori is very similar to the Japanese traditional multi-course dinners. 

Stacked boxes Osechi Ryori are usually placed on top of each other and it is said that by doing so, you pile up happiness and fortune.

 The number of items in Osechi Ryori can depend on the region or the number of each family but it is around 20-30 dishes!

For example

 (sweet black beans) that keep you healthy and success.

Tazukuri  for rich harvest; anchovies  in hope of having abundant harvest.

Kamaboko (a type of surimi, or  steamed fish meat ) symbolising sun and in hopes for talisman and cleanliness.

Kohaku  Namasu (pickled daikon and carrot) for peace.

Buri no Teriyaki (Japanese amberjack teriyaki) in hopes for success.

Kurumaebi (prawns) in hopes for  longer life. 

Onisime (braised chicken and vegetables like burdock,lotus roots and carrots) in hopes for long-lasting happiness.

I've explained just  7 dishes out of 20 or 30 above so far, you know. I'm afraid it's too many to explain all of them.

If you are interested in Osechi Ryori, I'll recommend you to try some at a later date! 
As you can see, 'Seeing is believing.'

That's all for this time.
Thank you for reading.  See you soon!

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