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Updated Schedule + New Lessons! :-)

Dec 4, 2019

Good morning/afternoon or evening everyone and thank you for reading this!

It is just a quick message to let you all know that my schedule is now open for two more weeks.

I have also added some new lessons and resources due to popular demand!

These include :

- Authentic Phrasal Verb sheets 
- Health Recipe Sheets (Customized to suit your preferences!)
- Customized Healthy Food Shopping List
- 1 and 3 month HOME exercise programmes
- Yoga For Beginners
- English Listening practice
- Sherlock Holmes / Game of Thrones / Harry Potter / Friends - ROLEPLAY lesson

And more!

If you are a new student then why not check out my lessons today, and receive a fantastic 10% off.

I am always happy to answer any questions, or create a lesson specifically to fit your needs - so always feel free to ask me anything!

I don't bite ;-)

Have a happy and healthy day everyone.


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