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Remembrance Day

Nov 10, 2019

Today is a very important day.

It is called 'Remembrance Day', or 'Poppy Day' as it is sometimes informally known.

On the closest Sunday to 11th November in the UK and other commonwealth countries, we hold a 2 minute silence at 11am, as well as take the day to pay our respects to the fallen heroes who died since the first World War.

It is not important what you think of war and whether or not you agree with it.

This is day to pay respect those that lost their lives unwillingly.
Many of these people fought for our freedom, and had no choice but to fight in order to protect the lives of others.

The second World War was an extremely traumatic time for many of my grandparents generation, and events like 'The Blitz' (England was bombed everyday for 8 months, and over 43000 innocent cilvilians were killed) are almost inconceiveable by us today. 

Have a lovely day everyone, and don't forget to honour those who have made sacrifices in life to help get you where you are today. That could be war heroes for sure, but it could also be your parents, teachers and friends who trusted in you are gave you everything they could to help you live a great life. 


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