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Level UP!: Pokemon is this week's motivation booster.

Weekly Topic: My motivation booster

Nov 9, 2019

For this week, I am motivated to finish my work before the 15th of November. It is Pokemon Sword and Shield is coming out. As such, I am looking forward to a free weekend to play the game by finishing my work early. I am also making myself busy so Friday arrives sooner than later. I am heavily distracted by Pokemon news and spoilers and doing my best to not read all of them.

One of my favorite Pokemon is Farfetched. So, it was too good to be true that he will be back as a knight. This evolution makes him look more galant. He will be in my permanent team as I beat the game. 

Currently, I am happy with meeting students who play Pokemon too. It gives me great joy to share my passion for Pikachu and friends. If you have favorite Pokemon, let me know too and we can talk about it in class. Do you like videogames too? Do you have a game that you are waiting for? Let me know and we can talk about it.

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