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My New Blog Amazing Breakfast In Kuala Lumpur

Sep 12, 2019


54 cents Kuala Lumpur breakfast 59円朝ごはん

諦めずにちょっと歩いて別の店に挑戦。なんとここもフレンドリーでコスパさらに最高 コーヒー1.30RM クレープカレー1RM。計2.30RM/59円 しかもスタッフがテーブルに来て「僕はインドからです」「僕はミャンマーからです」と自己紹介しに来てくれた。どうりで覚えた私のマレー語のアパカバーが通じないわけだ。ハハハ

I have been in the suburb of Kuala Lumpur named Kerinchi since last week and breakfast around here is amazing. Here to I searched around for a place to have a light breakfast. Finally I found a stall where an older man spoke to me from the street . Friendly and the roti canai which is a curry and crepe breakfast  was wonderful. And for the cost it is really high quality. Coffee goes for 1.50RM and crepe curry 1RM. The price is like next to nothing You should come and enjoy Kuala Lumpur especially for the great food. 

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