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Hitchhiking across Japan! Storytime!

Sep 3, 2019

Hey Everyone!

Kevin here! One of my students thought it was very interesting that I hitchhiked across Japan last year so I just wanted to make a quick post about it on my page!

I read about hitchhiking online as I was preparing for my trip to Japan. I was wondering if it was even possible. Is this crazy? Am I a crazy person for even thinking about this?... I eventually hitchhiked all the way from Tokyo to Sapporo. Then after returning to Tokyo by plane, I hitchhiked from Tokyo to Fukuoka! It took about 15 car rides and a week of total traveling to finish going through the whole country of Japan!... Yeah... I think it WAS a bit crazy of me haha.

But the craziness was all worth it. I met so many kind people in Japan and I never had to wait more than 20 minutes to get a ride at any of the places I was hitchhiking! I was able to see such beautiful places as I drove across the country... These are some of the pictures I took on the trip going northward towards Sapporo! 

This was one of the first people that picked me up on the Hitchhiking trip! I was near Tokyo and going North towards Sendai! 

I had to Google how to write certain Kanji characters to write on my cardboard boxes that I got from convenient stores haha. How is my handwriting? 
On the road going North! 

This sign was to get to Aomori! Where I went to go ride the ferry! 
This is the ferry I took to cross the water and get to Hokkaido!

So this was the first half of my hitchhiking trip pictures! I will make another post soon with some pictures of me going South towards Fukuoka!

Thanks for reading and see you in class!

Kevin Cho

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