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The Best Teacher I've Ever Had (is crazy) [Weekly Topic]

Weekly Topic: The best teacher I've ever had

Jul 11, 2019

The best teacher I ever had was very unusual. Maybe even crazy.

He was not kind.
He was not friendly.
He did not look like a teacher.

He wore biker boots, a black leather vest, and blue jeans every day.
He wore a red bandana around his neck. His grayish white hair was never styled.
He had a unique fashion and dressed the same way every day.
Other staff members and teachers didn't get along with him. His department was famous for making trouble.

In class, he rarely stood up to speak. He was often seated. His criticisms were harsh. He had a powerful presence in the room. Students were afraid of him because he was so strict.

His booming voice echoed in the hallways, but you rarely saw him outside of his department. 
He was hated by many students. When he entered the room, people became quieter. 

So why is he the best teacher I ever had?

He taught me how to teach myself.

Sometimes in life, you don't have a guide. You won't have someone always there watching out for you. This teacher would teach me things, but other times he would make me do things on my own. In my life, many people wouldn't let me try things out on my own and make mistakes. He gave me the freedom to go out, make mistakes, and learn from them. 

When I was in college learning video editing and production, I had to go out and make videos for the local news channel. It was a stressful job that I had to do all by myself.

Oftentimes, he would be very angry with my performance. He was a tough teacher, but I never hated him for what he said. I always tried to make him happy by working harder. Other students complained or gave up. I can see why people hated him.

I didn't give up. I fought harder. I wanted to make him proud. When I did a good job, he would tell me. I worked really hard to earn his respect, and after two and a half years I finally earned it.

Too many times we are afraid to let other people make mistakes.
Making mistakes is the key to learning.

Remember that, when learning new things (or English)!  It's OK to make mistakes.

You cannot always have someone holding your hand through life. 
It was so hard learning from this man, but I taught myself so much. He had wisdom, too. I didn't and still do not agree with him all of the time, but he taught me a lot of things. 
He was not a normal teacher.
He might actually be a little crazy.

Sometimes, crazy isn't such a bad thing! He was a good mentor. He was the best teacher I ever had. He was also the most unusual teacher I ever had.

Tell me about the best teacher you ever had! I'd love to read about your experience!

Thank you for reading!

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